Turn-key cottage construction

Everyone dreams of comfortable suburban housing. Regardless of whether he plans to build a large cottage for permanent residence or a small country house for weekends and vacations, such housing should be of high quality and durable.

PIERWSZA FIRMA BUDOWLANA is ready to live out your dream home by building it. We have a lot of realized projects: from small country houses to huge multi-storey complexes. We have built apartments for thousands of Kyiv residents, who today get high-quality housing that meets all the European parameters of a comfortable life.

Construction work

After you have chosen a cottage project for the construction, our company starts preparatory work and its further construction. Using only the most advanced construction technologies and modern building materials, we build in timely and quality manner. All technologies and materials comply with high European standards. You can not worry about the quality and environmental friendliness of your future house.

What about the price?
The construction of cottages is a quite complex process, which requires many specialists’ efforts. Despite this, our company carry out all your wishes at affordable prices. We can do this only using our resource base. Our own construction equipment fleet makes it possible to concentrate your money instead of spending it for renting from other companies, and engaging outside teams that are not time-tested, but use our staffed professional builders. This is how we provide a full construction cycle at an affordable price.

Why we?
If you are still in doubt, these are our advantages:

  • More than 8 years on the market;
  • Commissioned multi-storey residential complexes;
  • Government construction contracts;
  • Full staff of professional builders and various fields experts;
  • Own construction equipment fleet;
  • Competitive prices.

Don’t hesitate to call right now and we will answer all your additional questions. We are always flexible with our clients and will do everything to make you satisfied.