Plastering and screed coating


PIERWSZA FIRMA BUDOWLANA performs plastering works in a timely and quality manner, using modern technologies

We guarantee a long working life of the surfaces we created

For furnishing and repair of premises PIERWSZA FIRMA BUDOWLANA is ready to offer you high quality machine plastering works in the shortest possible time for modest price!

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Screed coating

PIERWSZA FIRMA BUDOWLANA carries out work on the installation of sand-cement screed in Kyiv for further laying of coatings (tiles, linoleum, laminate) in a timely and quality manner, using modern technologies.

Sand-cement screed is used for levelling brick, stone, concrete foundations and floor slabs, creating the basis for the installation of any kind of finish flooring in residential, industrial, warehouse, retail, office premises and the like.

We guarantee a long working life of the surfaces we created!

Screed is a simple floor modification

Smooth floors are two simple words that, unfortunately, can rarely be used while talking about existing buildings. There is always some kind of problem.

Panel buildings suffer from defects in floor slabs. They may be of various thicknesses or simply unevenly laid. Often there are floor level height differences in the centre and corners of the room. In general, it is difficult to find a house where the floor is perfectly flat.

Floor Levelling Methods

There are several methods by which the floor is prepared for further work or just brought into normal condition. The simplest, barbaric and ineffective one is levelling with additional laying. Usually they spread chipboards, and in order not to lose height and not to do preliminary alignment with the help of joists or backing strips, levelling with sand is carried out.

This solution is ineffective – the wood-based slabs are non-durable, wipes and subsides over time.

Another method is cast-in-place floor. The solution is good, the surface gets perfectly flat and smooth. However, it is rather expensive. Not everyone can spend so much, especially with regards to such a city as Kyiv, and a large area to repair. For example, if the floor needs to be levelled in the whole apartment or house..

Simple and effective solution

There is a type of construction services that is always in demand. In Kyiv, screeding is constantly required – in apartments, private houses, brick buildings, panel high-rise buildings. There are uneven floors everywhere.

The advantages of sand-cement screed are as follows:

  • Perfectly flat floor surface
  • High reliability
  • Durability comparable to one of a floor slab surface
  • Excellent adhesion of glue-coatings or paint coatings that are applied to the screed
  • Minimum preparation of sand-cement mixture
  • Low total cost of work for the construction project Owner

We offer screed construction for any further work. A smooth floor is an excellent option for gluing ceramic tiles, decorative mosaics, installing linoleum or laminate. Our craftsmen will level the floor with a sand-cement screed in apartments and houses, bathrooms, toilets or living rooms, saunas or showers in sports centres in timely and quality manner.

A good screed is a flat floor and ideal laying of any materials on it. Besides, it is necessary as part of the preparation for a “warm floor” construction. A qualitative screed is a useful thing that will last a long time.