General Constructor

The general contracting in construction is a multi-level and multi-purpose process, where a whole range of complex and specific work in housing construction are integrated. The general contractor provides uninterrupted and continuous execution of construction works, eliminating the occurrence of such factors as downtime, missing and difficulties in constructing buildings.

Leading construction companies of our country, adopting their foreign partners’ practices, are increasingly resorting to the services of construction companies that are able to take charge of a General Contractor, providing the timely completion of work stages. Because of a professionally executed general contract, the Client receives uninterrupted operation and significant cost savings.

The General Contractor is responsible for the facility as a whole. It selects subcontractors based on long-standing relationships, guaranteeing the quality of work and the complaisance of workers, organizing all types of work on a single schedule, which helps to reduce construction time and saves the construction project Owner’s money. Investment savings are achieved by reducing the number of subcontractors, because only those subcontractors whose work requires advanced training are invited to work for the General Contractor.

In order to meet the deadlines set by the construction project Owner, the General Contractor ensures that specialized specialists and outside workers are promptly invited to the construction site and begin to perform their task, replacing each other in time.

General contracting is a reliable partnership between two parties, one of which is the construction project Owner. That is why, it is undoubtedly better to find a reliable partner who will control all stages of construction, as well as certain types of work and the progress of their implementation, will be responsible for the results and quality, and will perform all the works on a turn-key basis.


So, the General Contractor carries out:

  • all kinds of construction and design works
  • organizes working with subcontractors
  • provides building safety
  • hands over a ready object to the project Owner, “on a turn-key basis”.


The Owner, in turn, prepares a design brief, prepares all the necessary permits, provides technical support for the design stage, prepares a construction site.

The General contractor is responsible for construction works, for meeting deadlines and for the quality of the constructed facility, it takes all the risks and reports to the construction project Owner. So, it is really important to choose a professional and competent general contracting organization that will deliver on the outcomes intended.

Although the General contracting works will require appropriate payment, you can be sure: a high-quality General contracting always pays off!