Full range of general construction works

PIERWSZA FIRMA BUDOWLANA as the General Contractor, concentrates all the general construction works that take place at the construction site in its hands, skilfully organizes and manages them. This is a complex of works related to the construction of buildings and structures, which consists of several stages.

Those stages include:

  • preparatory works;
  • earthworks – excavation, making piling field;
  • stone works – erection of stone structures (walls, supports, pillars, vaults, etc.) of artificial stones and blocks;
  • concrete and reinforced concrete works – preparation of concrete mixture, transportation and laying it with poly-roll into the formwork, monolithic character of sections and joints between prefabricated elements;
  • installation of structures;
  • roofing works, joinery, carpentry;
  • finishing works – indoor works: plastering, facing, painting, etc;
  • adjusting and start-up procedures of internal engineering networks.

The construction project Owner’s Service entrusts the General Contractor with the development of a full-fledged organizational structure for project management and its further implementation.

The general contractor assumes all risks associated with subcontracting agreements and is responsible for the quality of the work assigned to the subcontractor, bears the maximum responsibility for the results of the work to the construction project Owner.

Client does not have to dive into the specifics of the construction processes on site.

Cast-in-place, masonry and finishing works, screeding and plastering, plumbing, electrical installation and other works on internal engineering will be performed under the supervision of experienced specialists. The General Contracting organization’s responsibility to the project Owner obliges it to strictly and meticulously accept work from subcontractors.

A qualified General Contracting provides the successful and effective interaction of teams and specialists at the construction site. Our company is always a reliable support for our partners.