Cast-in-place concreting

Cast-in-place concrete frame building works and concrete pouring of monolithic structures

PIERWSZA FIRMA BUDOWLANA offers you a full range of concrete frame building services, according both to custom and standard designs. At the same time, we are responsible for each stage of construction and give a guarantee for all the works performed.

To date, our organization is equipped with all the tools for performing Cast-in-place concrete frame works of any complexity. We use own formwork in our production.

Cast-in-place concreting – fast and efficient method of modern construction

Today, there is a high demand for unique designs and quick construction works. The technologies that were used just several years ago can no longer fully comply with the wishes of a construction project Owner.

Classic construction techniques

The most common technique used to build houses is masonry work. This method is especially relevant when it comes to an owner-occupied dwelling. This is the case when the unique project is necessary, a sufficiently high standard of which can not be implemented either by large-block or by panel construction.

So, apart from wood, bricks and breeze blocks have been the only option for construction material for quite long. But today, new technologies and working techniques have changed everything.

Cast-in-place concreting

The technique of cast-in-place concreting construction lets us create buildings and structures according to truly unique projects, in a very short time and without the need to make long pauses for shrinkage of masonry before finishing works.

As a result of cast-in-place concreting construction, a ready-made concrete wall is obtained, which in most cases does not require additional finishing works. It is a solid and even reinforced concrete structure that meets all safety requirements and construction standards.

Using this technique, the following types of work can be performed::

  • Walling in buildings with any number of storeys.
  • СMaking interfloor overlappings.
  • The construction of structural elements, for example, pillars.
  • Quickly and accurately building complex architectural elements, for example, semi-circular wall zones or ledges of different heights.

This is only a short list of works where you can apply cast-in-place concreting. The main advantages of such method of construction include high speed, accuracy and no need for waiting for shrinkage of completed structure before finishing it.

Besides, ‘face-lift’ work in cast-in-place concreting of structures is minimal. The construction site size and the mess on the territory are minimized – the ready concrete mix can be delivered to the site or quickly created there. When the work is complete, you can even diamond-cut out the necessary slots in concrete walls, and the wall will still be quite strong.

Our offers

We offer any services for the construction using the cast-in-place concreting technique. At the project Owner’s choice, various concrete mix options with the required parameters can be provided.

Besides, we undertake organization of works “on a turn-key basis”. We use our own formwork materials and all other production process components. All we require from a construction project Owner is just to approve the project – we take on all other tasks.