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PIERWSZA FIRMA BUDOWLANA — is a diversified general contracting company, founded in 2006 in the city of Kiev, has undergone a rapid development path and today occupies a leading position in the construction companies market.

Thanks to our experience, we can organize General Contracting as simple and convenient as possible, and the result always exceeds the customer’s expectations.










During the formation of Pierwsza Firma Budowlana our collective turned into a solid team, which is able in a timely and professional manner to solve a wide range of cast-in-place concrete frame residential buildings, shopping centres, kindergartens, parking lots, cottages and other objects construction challenges.



In our work our company is guided by the priorities and interests of the Customer. We can handle any issue and have been successful for a long time. We take responsibility for meeting deadlines, high quality of work, assurance of compliance with the agreement.














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Pierwsza Firma Budowlana as a General Constructor perform full range of the following general construction works: cast-in-place, masonry, roofing works, plastering and screed coating, finishing and waterproofing works, preparatory construction works and landscaping.


Along the way, our company has worked with a number of leading construction companies

and this collaboration has fostered strong development, both professional and organizational.